Science & ART

Welcome to my website, I am Dr Marijke Nita de Boer of Seven Seas Marine Consultancy. I am a marine scientist and Artist.


My SCIENCE work involves conducting research on marine fauna (whales, dolphins, seals, turtles and seabirds). My work has brought me to exciting regions such as the Arctic, Antarctic and many interesting places in between.

My ART started out as a reflection of the fauna I encountered in my professional life and evolved into something more professionally and diverse.

ART – Marijke Nita Fine Art

I have spent an incalculable amount of time studying whales, dolphins and seabirds through binoculars and camera lenses.

I started to draw and found it is a lovely creative way of learning more about the subject, whether it is an animal, insect or flower.

I soon found myself making art more frequently and consequently my skills improved. A hobby turned into something more professional allowing me to share this joy with other people. For further information about my business Marijke Nita Fine Art, click HERE

SCIENCE – Seven Seas Marine Consultancy

I am a freelance marine consultant and conduct research at sea on marine mammals and seabirds using dedicated research protocols. I also frequently work as a Marine Mammal Observer (MMO), assist in acoustic research (PAM) and conduct seabird surveys (ESAS, NERI). Desk-top consultancy services include giving advice to various NGOs, offshore oil/gas industries, governmental agencies and universities. I carry out data analysis, Environmental Impact Assessments and produce scientific publications on the distribution of marine fauna.


About me


My interest in Marine Fauna Ecology began in 1992 when I participated in a loggerhead sea turtle research project in Greece. After completing my third and final summer studying these fascinating animals I shifted my focus onto whales and dolphins.


In my chosen career I sailed the Seven Seas and participated in various ocean-crossing surveys. For example I studied the cetacean communities of the Atlantic Frontier, Indian Ocean, South China Sea, Southern Ocean and Antarctica during multiple expeditions, including working with Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC), Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) and the Pygmy Blue Whale Project (South Australia). These surveys formed a foundation of detailed in-depth experience in leading marine mammal surveys using different research platforms (boats, helicopters and small aeroplanes). Also, during these surveys, I carried out seabird surveys following systematic seabird surveys at sea according to various internationally recognised protocols (e.g. ESAS, BIOMASS methodology, NERI).


I completed my PhD into the Ecology of Marine Mammals and since then I have focussed my research on the poorly-studied regions of West Africa & Suriname where information regarding the protection of whales and dolphins is urgently needed.

Nowadays, I also enjoy working as a naturalist/wildlife guide onboard wildlife expedition-type vessels in Polar regions, West Africa and Atlantic Odysseys.