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Marijke Nita Fine Art

My name is Marijke Nita de Boer and welcome to my ART website. I am a Wildlife and Pet Portrait Artist, specialising in highly detailed, quality art (paintings/drawings) using a range of different media, including pastel, pencil, graphite and watercolours. All my artwork is painted on fine quality archival papers using animal-free (vegan) products. The objective of my Animal Portraits is to try and capture the character of the animal with the finished product having far more depth and vibrancy than the photo reference.

Over the past 25 years, and through my SCIENCE projects, I have spent an incalculable amount of time staring through binoculars or my camera lenses to study whales, dolphins and seabirds. I longed to draw the animals I studied together with all the details and colours I was able to observe. My artwork became more and more important to me as the years went by simply because it is a very enjoyable creative way of studying the subject in depth, whether it is an animal, insect or flower. I soon found myself being drawn to my artwork on a far more regular basis and consequently my skills improved. Over the years family and friends took a greater interest in my artwork with an increasing amount of requests to draw their beloved pets and/or wildlife and a hobby soon became a way to share this joy with even more people.

I am based both in the Netherlands and the UK. I use all my knowledge and skills from being a marine biologist, photographer and years of working as a naturalist to produce high-quality artwork of fauna, flora and of course people’s much loved pets.

The gallery shows just some of the paintings and commissions I have completed over the past few years and includes a variety of different animals and flowers.


I will be absolutely committed to producing a beautiful painting that you will love and treasure for many years to come. It would be my pleasure to discuss any ideas or questions you may have, so feel free to contact me. I hope you enjoy browsing through my artwork-see the sliders at the top of the pages of this website and also the gallery. I also regularly post new artwork on Instagram and Facebook.


If you would like to commission your own pet/animal portrait please visit the ‘Commissions' section for more information.

Marijke Nita Fine Art


🐺 Instagram: @marijke_nita_fine_art


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